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Summer 2019

It's hard to believe we are at the end of another school year! We hope that being a member of the NJAAPT has a positive impact on your teaching, whether you made it to a demo show or workshop, joined us for the Fall Regional Meeting or just got some ideas from the newsletters! If you have any co-workers who teach physics, please suggest that they consider joining NJAAPT.

It has been our pleasure to offer you some great opportunities to enhance your teaching this past year, and there are a few coming up over the summer that you might be interested in. 

  • NJAAPT will be hosting a teacher event at Rutgers during the Quarknet Program on the evening of Wednesday, July 17th. Details and registration will be available soon.  
  • The AAPT Summer Meeting is also taking place in Provo, Utah this year from July 20-24th. 
  • There are also Modeling Workshops for physics teachers being held in various locations across the country over the summer. (If you don't know what Modeling is, click here!) 
  • For those of you teaching AP Physics next year, there are several one-week or one-day AP Physics Institutes being offered by the College Board within driving distance this summer and fall. These types of workshops have been absolutely career changing for those that have attended in the past, so check them out if you can!

Become involved  -- Many hands make for light work and we would love for some more physics teachers to get involved with the behind-the-scenes work we do here at the NJAAPT.  We are all busy, and nobody is expecting a huge time commitment, and  best of all, you will be helping other Physics teachers. Anyone is welcome! 

Some ways to help out include:

  • Attend some of the monthly Executive Board meetings as at-large members. These meetings happen once a month for 8 months of the year and there is no obligation to attend every meeting. 
  • Suggest, plan or host a workshop or event.  
  • Click on this link to let us know what kind of workshops or events you would be interested in attending, whether you or your school is willing to host such an event, and whether you are interested in being an at-large member of our Executive Board.

Have a great summer!


Your NJAAPT Executive Board

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The Physics Phunnies

Planning Ahead

NJAAPT will be hosting a Kickoff Demo Show on September 20th from 7-9 pm in the Physics Lecture Hall at Rutgers. Keep your eyes open for an invite from us!

Have you taught AP Physics for 3+ years? Apply to Become an AP Physics Reader!

The AAPT Winter Meeting next year will be held in Orlando, Florida from January 18-21.

In the News

Physicists Contribute to our Understanding of Cancer Over the past 10 years, physics research has contributed immensely to the medical understanding of cancer and how it spreads.

New Candidate for Dark Matter  WIMP is probably out! Research by physicists at UC Davis suggest a dark  magnetic "monopole" interacting with "dark photons."

LHC Data Sheds Light on Pentaquark Structure  Researchers from the LHC at CERN gain a better understanding of the "molecule-like" structure of the newly discovered particle. 



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