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Executive Board Meeting Schedule


Anyone is welcome to attend.  Contact a board member for information.           (top menu, right side navigation bars/"contact ...")

And as always, please send us your ideas for workshops/events that NJAAPT can offer to members.



Upcoming Events

JULY 2019

7/8-7/19 Quarknet

Rutgers University

7/15-8/8  Physics Teacher Summer Training

Rutgers University 

7/20-7/24 AAPT Summer Meeting

Provo, Utah



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  • No events at this time.

Past Events (2018-2019)

9/20   Board Mtg.  Rutgers Univ.

9/28   Dave's Demo Show

Rutgers University

10/13  Workshop:

 "The Spreadsheet Lab Manual"  Cinnaminson HS

10/17   Board Mtg.  Rutgers Univ.

11/5     Board Mtg.  Princeton Univ.

11/16-11/17  AAPT Regional Meeting 

NY/NJ/NE Sections,   Bergen Comm. College

12/15 Holiday Physics Event: 

TEDTalk  Extravaganza,   PrincetonUniversity  

11/19   Physics Olympics (2 locations)
NJAAPT Physics Olympics North
Monmouth Regional High School

NJAAPT Physics Olympics South

Washington Twp High School

1/23     Board Mtg.  Princeton Univ.

2/27     Board Mtg.   Princeton Univ.

3/22   NJAAPT Demo Show 

Georgian Court Univ. 

3/29-30    SEPS Spring Section Mtg.

Villanova University 

4/03     Board Mtg.   Rutgers  Univ.

4/6     Workshop: Foutan Circuit                       Bernards HS, Bernardsville, NJ

5/20   Board Mtg.  Rutgers Univ. 

Why join NJAAPT?

 Whether you teach one section of Physics or six, whether you teach at the high school, middle school, college, or university level,  NJAAPT is for you!  NJAAPT is committed to outreach and support for Physics teachers.

 As a member of NJAAPT, you can learn about and receive:

  •  ·       Physics Teaching Resources
  •  ·       Demo and Lab Ideas
  •  ·       Professional Development

 In addition to:

  •  ·       Sharing Ideas
  •  ·       Learning about Current Trends in Physics Instruction
  •  ·       Exciting developments in Physics frontiers
  •  ·       Meeting other Physics Teachers


The New Jersey Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (NJAAPT) is a professional organization whose focus is on Physics education, Physics educational research, and sharing information and ideas among educators. 

NJAAPT is committed to outreach and support for Physics teachers.  The majority of NJAAPT members are high school and college faculty teaching in New Jersey and nearby PA,NY,DE areas.   

Activities and resources include Workshops, Conferences, Meetings, Sharing Sessions, Guest Speaker Lectures, a Listserve, and a Website.

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NJAAPT is a 501(43)(c) non-profit organization. 

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