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WORKSHOPS -- Past Years

Make & Takes   General info about NJAAPT Make & Takes

Make & Take, Grading Practices     6-2-18  Nancy Michaelsen, Denise Merrill, Shannon Hornibrook  Washington Twp HS

Adding Inquiry to Physics First Workshop  --   6-3-2017  Randolph HS   Keri Parry

Blacksmith Workshop  11-12-16

NJAAPT Spring Section Meetings

2020, 2021  -- No Spring Meeting due to Covid 19

2019 -- Spring Dinner Meeting only   2019 Spring Dinner discussion.pdf

2018 -- Fall Regional Meeting held in NJ  Regional AAPT Mtg - Nov 2018

2018 -- Spring Meeting   Spring Meeting 2018

2017 --  Spring Meeting -- New Approaches in Physics Education   2017 Booklet, Handouts, Photos

2016 --  No Spring Meeting -- Regional Meeting held in NJ (Fall meeting)

2015 Spring Meeting  "New Standards in Physics Education"  2015 Spring Meeting Booklet.pdf

2014 Spring Meeting  "New Directions in Physics and Physics Education"  2014 Spring Meeting Booklet .pdf

2013 Spring Meeting  "Hot Topics in Physics"  2013 Spring Meeting Booklet.pdf

2012 Spring Meeting  "Modern  Marvels"  2012 Spring Meeting Booklet.pdf

2011 Spring Meeting  "From the Infinitely Small to the Incredibly Large"    2011 Spring Meeting Booklet.pdf

2010 (No NJ section meeting, meeting held at SEPA section)

2009 Spring Meeting  "Physics in Other Areas of Study"  2009 Spring Meeting Booklet.pdf

2008 Spring Meeting   "Particle Physics,  Astronomy/Physics Teaching Resources"  2008 Spring Meeting Booklet.pdf

2007 Spring Meeting  "Physics Education Research"   2007 Spring Meeting Booklet.pdf

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