Regional AAPT Meeting

NJAAPT is pleased to host the Regional AAPT Meeting for Physics Teachers in the New Jersey / New York / New England / Long Island / Southeast Pennsylvania section areas.

Registration here

Location:   Bergen Community College,  Paramus, NJ

Dates:      November 16 & 17, 2018

Friday November 16, 2018     Dinner Meeting, Speaker

GB Cornucopia, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, National Park Service. 

GB will talk about how the Pueblo peoples used astronomy in their everyday lives a thousand years ago. (https://www.nps.gov/chcu/planyourvisit/nightsky.htm)

Saturday November 17, 2018   Presenters, Speakers, Demo Show, Workshops.    

(the schedule of times/events/locations will be posted soon!)

Registration Cost:        

No on-site registrations.  Final deadline to register is Nov. 8, 2018.

Friday Evening Dinner + Speaker, Poster sessions  

$15   ($10 early registration by Oct 15)

Saturday:    Presentations, Speakers, Demo show, & more...TBA.

$35,  ($30 early registration by Oct 15)

PTRA afternoon workshop Saturday    

$30 (in addition to Saturday registration)

Events include:  Guest Speakers, Poster sessions, Presentations, Workshops, and weather permitting, some Solar Observatory time.  Plus, it's a great opportunity to meet Physics teachers from the region, share ideas, and be part of a larger Professional Learning Community.

Note:  The PTRA (Physics Teachers Resource Agents) group from AAPT will be conducting an optional 3-hour workshop Saturday afternoon entitled, "Topics from Modern Physics:  Quantum Computing and Gravitational Waves" .  If you wish to attend, it is an additional $30 on the meeting registration.   This PTRA workshop will focus on activities that lead students (and teachers !)  to an understanding of quantum computing and gravitational waves, using materials from the Perimeter Institute and Quantum Computing Institute.   Sounds intriguing !    Cost is $30 per participant for the 3- hour workshop.  Workshop leaders are Steve Henning and Alice Flarend.  General info about the PTRA group here.

Professional Development hours will be provided by NJAAPT.

The finalized schedule of events / times / locations will be posted soon!

Payment in advance required.

If using school invoice, please pay in advance, and a refund will be sent to you when your school check has been received.

Questions about the event?  contact Nancy at hhsphysics (at) comcast.net

Note to registrants from outside of New Jersey:

When you register, you will be asked for email / contact information.  You are not required to join NJAAPT as a member (unless you want to !).  This contact information allows for us to send updates or other information about the event via email, or by phone if the email fails.

After you register and input your email / contact information, you will receive an email with a random password to access your account.  You can log in to change your password and change email preferences (so you don't get NJAAPT email blasts about other events).

Your information will not be used in any way, other than to contact you regarding the regional meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Kaplan at dkaplan (at) marsd.org


To register as a student, you must be a full-time student in Physics/Physics Education.  This must be verified through your email, and contact with your university advisor.

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