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The "Calendar of Events" for each school year are archived here, in reverse chronological order.  

Past Events (2019-2020)

9/17  Exec Board Meeting

9/20  Kickoff with Dave's Demo Show and Treats,  Rutgers Univ.

10/5     Make & Take Foutan Circuit

10/22 Exec Board Mtg

10/22-23  NJ Science Teachers Convention,   Princeton NJ

10/29  Sharing Session  Emerson HS

11/16/19   Bridges of NYC Boat Trip 

 11/19 - Exec Board Mtg Rutgers

12/2/19   Sharing Session, Emerson      High School 4:30 pm

1/18/20   Physics Olympics North &                  South

1/22 Exec Board Mtg Rutgers

2/20 Exec Board Mtg Princeton

4/2 Exec Board Mtg Rutgers -CANCELLED

5/19 Exec Board Mtg Rutgers  CANCELLED

6/4   Exec Board Mtg  via Zoom

6/24  Teaching Physics in a Virtual World – Pilot Meeting

6/29 – 7/9    Quantum Computing Workshop

7/7   Cracker Barrel:  Resources for Remote Physics Teaching

7/23   Exec Board Mtg  via Zoom

8/23   NJAAPT Section Meeting

7/28  Remote Physics Teaching Series:  Labs

8/12  Remote Physics Teaching Series #3:  Assessment

8/19  Remote Physics Teaching Series #4:  Student Engagement

8/20  Exec Board Mtg  via Zoom 

8/25  Remote Physics Teaching Series #5:  Preparation of Resources

Past Events (2018-2019)

9/20   Board Mtg.  Rutgers Univ.

9/28   Dave's Demo Show

Rutgers University

10/13  Workshop:

 "The Spreadsheet Lab Manual"  Cinnaminson HS

10/17   Board Mtg.  Rutgers Univ.

11/5     Board Mtg.  Princeton Univ.

11/16-11/17  AAPT Regional Meeting 

NY/NJ/NE Sections,   Bergen Comm. College

12/15 Holiday Physics Event: 

TEDTalk  Extravaganza,   PrincetonUniversity  

11/19   Physics Olympics (2 locations)

NJAAPT Physics Olympics North

Monmouth Regional High School

NJAAPT Physics Olympics South

Washington Twp High School

1/23     Board Mtg.  Princeton Univ.

2/27     Board Mtg.   Princeton Univ.

3/22   NJAAPT Demo Show 

Georgian Court Univ. 

3/29-30    SEPS Spring Section Mtg.

Villanova University 

4/03     Board Mtg.   Rutgers  Univ.

4/6     Workshop: Foutan Circuit                       Bernards HS, Bernardsville, NJ

5/20   Board Mtg.  Rutgers Univ. 

7/8-7 Quarknet, Rutgers University

7/15-8/8  Physics Teacher Summer Training, Rutgers University 

7/20-7/24 AAPT Summer Meeting, Provo, Utah

Past Events  2017-2018:

Aug   8/28/2017    Executive Board Mtg.
           Rutgers University

Sept  9/13/2017    Executive Board Mtg. 
           Rutgers University

Sept  9/29-30/2017   AAPT Regional Mtg
           Syracuse, NY

Oct   10/18/2017  Executive Board Mtg.
           Princeton University

Oct   10/22/2017   Video Analysis Wkshop
           Matawan HS

Oct   10/ 24-25/2017  NJ Science
           Convention   Princeton, NJ

Nov   11/13/2017  Executive Board Mtg.
           Rutgers University

Dec   12/2/2017   STEAMing through
 Physics Ridgefield HS

Dec    12/8/2017   Physics Film Fiesta
           Princeton, NJ

Dec    12/11/2017  Executive Board Mtg.
           Rutgers University

Jan     1/6-9/2018  AAPT Winter Mtg.
           San Diego, CA

Jan     1/13/2018  Physics Olympics
           North/Central NJ:  Monmouth Reg.
           South NJ:  Washington Twp HS

Feb    2/9/18  DemoShow
           Georgian Court University,
           Lakewood, NJ

Feb    2/22/18  Executive Board Mtg
           Rutgers University

Mar   3/9-3/10/18  SEPA Spring Meeting
           Penn State Abington campus

Mar   3/24/18    Spring Section Meeting 
           Princeton, NJ

Apr     4/11/18  Executive Board Mtg

Apr     4/20/18  Dinner Speaker
           "Dark Matter"   Princeton University

May    5/17/18  Executive Board Mtg
           Rutgers University

Jun     6/2/18   Make & Take workshop
           Washington Township HS,
           Sewell, NJ   (Gloucester County)

Jun    6/17/18  Sharing Session
 "Starting the Year Off Right" 
           Emerson HS, NJ

July  7/18/18   Quarknet and Particle
           Physics Panel Discussion
           Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Jul      7/28 - 8/1/18   AAPT National Mtg
           Washington DC

Aug   8/29/18  Executive Board Meeting
          Rutgers University

PAST EVENTS 2016-2017             

9/24/16   AP 1 & 2 Workshop                        Bernardsville HS

9/26/16      Executive Board Mtg.            Princeton University

10/21-22/2016   AAPT Regional Meeting  Wesleyan Univ., CT

10/26/16    Executive Board Mtg            Rutgers University

11/5/16  BCC (Bergen County) Astronomy Meeting 

11/12/16   Blacksmith workshop              Trenton, NJ

11/19/16    AP 1 / 2  Workshop                   Ranney School,  Tinton Falls, NJ

11/21/16    Executive Board Mtg.                 (Skype)     

12/3/16    Holiday Treats                                Princeton, NJ

1/11/17    Executive Board Mtg.                 Rutgers University   6 pm

1/14/2017  Physics Olympics                       Monmouth Reg. HS

1/31/17    Executive Board Mtg.                 Skype 7 pm

Feb 3, 2017  Demo Show                     Princeton, NJ

1/31/17    Executive Board Mtg.                 Skype 7 pm

2/23/17    Executive Board Mtg.                 Skype 7 pm

March 17-18, 2017  Spring Meeting           Princeton, NJ

4/5/17    Executive Board Mtg.                      Rutgers University   6 pm

5/10/17    Executive Board Mtg.                 Skype 7 pm

6/7/17    Workshop:  Adding Inquiry to Physics First     Randolph HS,   NJ

6/28/17  Workshop:  Get Your Graph On!  Rowan University,  Glassboro, NJ

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