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Demo Show 2018

This year's Demo Show was held on Friday Feb 9, at Georgian Court University for the first time.  For some, it was a bit of a trek, but very well worth it!  Thanks to Dr. Ann Tabor-Morris, who helped to host the event.

Many of the teachers who attended shared demonstrations that can be done in the classroom.  There was lots of discussion, too!

Anthony Lapinski had his usual unusual demos!  Where does he put his collection of free stuff??

Rich Urban played with fire (very safely).

Harry Rheam presented some electricity demos.

Pat White showed her amazing 10'-long, PVC-pipe, vacuum-powered ping-pong ball launcher!

Nancy Michaelsen featured NJAAPT Make 'n Takes from over 20 years.

Phillip Falcone shared "Physics on the Beach" and a vector simulation for Excel.

Daniel Kaplan and Jim Ferrara showed demos related to momentum and E&M.

Julia Melikhova and CarriEve Horna ( new teacher & new member ) shared simulation demos.

Handouts from Anthony and Phil : 

2018 Demo Show Handouts-3 pages.pdf

Also -- here are the links to the two-person mirror demo, using photos of Einstein & Madame Curie.

video 1       video 2

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