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Physics Film Fiesta / Holiday Party

Friday December 8 , 2017   6 -9 pm   

Princeton University   Room A-10   Jadwin Hall

We made a change to our usual Holiday Treats event.  This year, we had a Holiday get-together for Physics Teachers which featured some fun Physics films/videos.

The event included:  pizza, give-aways, auction items, and the "green table", plus meeting and talking with other Physics teachers in NJ.

[the "green table" is where teachers bring items (books, equipment) that they do not need/use, to give away to other teachers who may want them.  This is a great way to re-use, recycle resources, and contribute to other teachers].

It was a lot of fun.  Events with Physics teachers are always fun!  Hope to see more of you there next year!!

VIDEO LINKS:  Here are the links to the video playlists (on You Tube).  It is recommended that you save the URL for each video, or make your own playlist -- no guarantee that the playlists here will always be available.

Physics videos I (before the main event videos)

Physics videos II (during the main presentation)

The Turbo Encabulator (original video)  -- Note-- there are many variations on this that are also fun to view!

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