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Saturday, January 13th , 2018

New this year -- There were 2 locations with the same competition events.  

North/Central NJ:    Monmouth Regional High School, Tinton Falls, NJ

Southern NJ:            Washington Township High School,  Sewell, NJ   (Gloucester County) 


Overall Winners:

1st place         Clifton HS

2nd place        Marine Academy (MAST)

3rd place         Morris Hills

Event Winners:

Fermi Questions:

1st place         Morris Hills

2nd/3rd (tie):  JP Stevens, Wayne Hills (both)

Grab Bag:

1st     MAST

2nd    Lacey

3rd     Bernards

Collapsing Tower:

1st      Morris Hills

2nd    Rutgers Prep

3rd     Morris Hills

Penny Cantilever:

1st     MAST

2nd    Bernards

3rd     Ridge

Greatest Accel. Racer:

1st     JP Stevens

2nd    Clifton

3rd     MAST

Coffee Can Racer:

1st     Chatham

2nd    Chatham

3rd     Madison


Overall Winners:

1st place         Washington Twp #1

2nd place        Washington Twp #2

3rd place         Hammonton HS #2

Event Winners:

Fermi Questions:

1st place    Hammonton #2

2nd             Washington Twp #2

3rd              Mainland

Grab Bag:

1st       Washington Twp #1

2nd      Washington Twp #2

3rd       Lindenwold #2

Collapsing Tower:

1st       Hammonton #1

2nd      Hammonton #2

3rd       Lindenwold #2

Penny Cantilever:

1st       Bridgeton

2nd      Hammonton #2

3rd       Pennsauken

Greatest Accel. Racer:

1st       Hammonton #2

2nd     Washington Twp #2

3rd      Pennsauken

Coffee Can Racer:

1st       Bridgeton

2nd      Washington Twp #1

3rd       Washington Twp #2

General Information & Registration

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Announcement  (sent 9/18/17 on Listserve)

Welcome & Registration Info

Note:  to register, go to Home page of NJAAPT website, under "Register for Upcoming Events"

General Rules & Awards

See previous 2017 Physics Olympics -- events, results, photos

Events and Rules  

Rules are posted below!

Please check back in for updates on the Rules, and use the NJAAPT website Forum conversation thread for questions/ comments.

Rules below, Updated 10/1/2017

Event 1 Fermi Questions

Event 2 Grab Bag

Event 3 Collapsing Tower

Event 4 Penny Cantilever

Event 5 Greatest Acceleration Racer

GrAccelRacer data 2017.png

Event 6 Coffee Can Racer

Fermi Question Practice:

Fermi Question WS.pdf

Fermi Question WS show work.pdf

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