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Saturday, January 13th 2024

There were 2 locations with the same competition events.  

Northern NJ:   Bayonne High School, Bayonne, NJ (Hudson County)

Southern NJ:   Timber Creek High School,  Sicklerville, NJ (Camden County) 

Results are in!! Spectacular job all participants! Special thanks to event judges, host schools and event coordinators!


 Overall Winners:

 1st place      Chatham HS Team 2     

 2nd place     Bernards HS Team 3

 3rd place      Chatham HS Team 1

 Event Winners:

Fermi Questions:

 1st        Montclair HS Team 1   

 2nd       Madison HS Team 2 &

              Morris Hills Team 3

 3rd        None

Grab Bag / Spaghetti Tower:

 1st        Wayne Hills HS Team 1   

 2nd      Montclair HS Team 2 

 3rd       Morris Hills HS Team 3    

Air Powered Racer:

 1st       Chatham HS Team 1    

 2nd      Chatham HS Team 2    

 3rd       Bernards HS Team 3    

Inertia Ball:

 1st      Morris Hills HS Team 2     

 2nd    Chatham HS Team 1      

 3rd     Montclair HS Team 1      

Marble Coaster:

 1st      Chatham HS Team 2     

 2nd     Montclair HS Team 2     

 3rd      Montclair HS Team 1    


Paper Helicopter:

 1st         Wayne Hills HS Team 1 

 2nd       Chatham HS Team 2

 3rd        Montclair HS Team 1   

Detailed results by Team Numbers


 Overall Winners:

 1st place       Hammonton HS Team 2

 2nd place      Hammonton HS Team 1

 3rd place       West Deptford HS Team 1

 Event Winners:

Fermi Questions:

 1st      Hammonton HS Team 2 

 2nd     Cinnaminson HS Team 1

 3rd         West Deptford HS Team 2

Grab Bag / Spaghetti Tower:

 1st        West Deptford HS Team 2

 2nd      Cinnaminson HS Team 1

 3rd       Cinnaminson HS Team 2

Air Powered Racer:

 1st         Hammonton HS Team 2

 2nd        Bridgeton HS Team 1

 3rd         Hammonton HS Team 1

Inertia Ball:

 1st       Hammonton HS Team 1

 2nd      Hammonton HS Team 2

 3rd       Cinnaminson HS Team 2

Marble Coaster:

 1st       West Deptford HS Team 1

 2nd      Hammonton HS Team 2

 3rd       Hammonton HS Team 1

Paper Helicopter:

 1st        West Deptford HS Team 1

 2nd      Bridgeton HS Team 1

 3rd       Mainland Regional HS 

General Information & Registration

(click on each blue link to read information)

Physics Olympics 2024 Announcement

Media Release Form 


Early Bird deadline Nov 30

Final deadline  January 5th

REGISTER North Jersey

REGISTER South Jersey

Events and Rules  

Click On Links below for Each Event

Please check back for updates on the Rules and use the NJAAPT website Forum conversation thread for questions/ comments.  (Deadline mid-November 11/18)

Event 1 Fermi Questions

Event 2 Grab Bag

Event 3 Air Powered Racer (updated 10/01/23)

Event 4 Inertia Ball (updated 10/26/23)

Event 5 Marble Coaster (updated 10/01/23)

Event 6 Paper Helicopter 


Fermi Question WS.pdf

Fermi Questions - Worksheet and Answers.pdf

Fermi Question WS show work.pdf

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