NJAAPT has sponsored many Make & Take Workshops over the years.

Consider hosting a Make & Take workshop

Teachers make demonstration equipment to bring back to their classroom and use year after year.

NJAAPT can help announce, register, and financially support Make & Take workshops.

If you can’t do a Make & Take workshop – consider hosting local Sharing Sessions with nearby Physics teachers.

Listed below are sources for demo ideas, plus past Make & Takes that NJAAPT has held.

Where possible, photos or information will be linked.

Some places to get demo ideas: 

  • ·         The Physics Teacher magazine (from AAPT)
  • ·         Demo A Day books (Borislaw Bilash)
  • ·         Physics Demonstrations—A Sourcebook for Teachers
  • ·         String and Sticky Tape Demos
  • ·         Dick and Rae Physics Workbook
  • ·         Turning the World Inside Out
  • ·         PIRA website (Physics Instructions Resource Agents) http://physicslearning2.colorado.edu/pira/
  • ·         Other demonstration websites, videos to help you construct a demo

Videos and computer simulations are useful, but don’t forget real-life demonstrations!

Consider adding a couple of demos to your repertoire each year !

Foutan Circuit

1-2-3 Mirror / Image

Resonance Tube

Resonance weights

Soup Can Laser Sound Demo

Flashing LEDs  (AC)

Motor/Standing Wave

Mirror Slats – distorted image

Seat of Nails

3-Light Circuit

Mystery Circuit

Wired Series/Parallel Bulbs

Screen for Van de Graff

Light/wire for Van de Graff (static/current)

Paint Stick Whirling Thing (for lack of a better name!)

Lenz’s Law Magnet/Copper Tube

Circular motion demo

Wine Bottle Holder

Rotational Inertia Demo

Electric Fish

Flame Tube

Lou-Vee Air Car

Rubber Mat – Air Pressure


Projectile Demonstrator

Free Fall Washer Demo

Monkey & Hunter Launcher

3 bulb balancing platform

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