Physics Olympics 2021

  • 24 Feb 2021 1:42 PM
    Message # 10133766

    Hello, I have outlined some information concerning the 2021 Physics Olympics for you.


    • 1)    Coaches please join our goggle classroom by using an unaffiliated personal Gmail account.  School or other affiliated accounts will not work. Codes will be sent in an email to you.

    • 2)    For the Fermis: You will submit your team’s answers to this classroom in two different documents.  The first will be just the answers, i.e., -1 (for 10*-1) or
    • 3 (for 10*3). The second document will be your team’s logic for their answers. Please submit in pdf. The team will have 45 minutes to complete this event.  This time includes the time required to submit forms to google classroom.  Please note that no spectators will be allowed into the chat room during this event so you may want to advise your spectators to join us around 11am for the Tower of cards event.
    • 3)    For the Tower of cards event: The team may only use 52 cards size 3.5 X 2.5   inches. You will submit videos of the building of your second and third place tower to goggle classroom.  In the video clearly identify how many vertical cards were used to build the tower and how many horizontal cards.  Flat cards are not used to determine the height of the tower. Multiple the vertical cards by 3.5 and the horizontal cards by 2.5 to determine the height of the tower in inches. Also, identify how many total cards were used to construct the tower.
    • 4)    So that we can identify the school during the virtual competition, please instruct your team to have a sign that states their school name.  They will display the sign next to their completed tower while the judge takes a screen shot. Also include how many total cards were used to construct the tower. 


    • 5)    We may not announce winners at the conclusion of the virtual event.  Winners may be sent via email at a later time.


    • 6)    Please make a folder of the release forms for the members of your team.  Submit the folder to goggle classroom.
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