Physics Olympics 2022 North/Central NJ

  • 03 Apr 2022 8:17 AM
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    NJ Physics Olympics 2022 --- North / Central New Jersey

    Thank you for attending the Olympics and for all your support. 

    Special acknowledgement  to Matt D'Amato and Monmouth Regional HS for hosting the Olympics, Jim Ferrara and Daniel Kaplan for developing the Fermi Questions, Jessica Godkin for tallying the scores and to the instructors who judged the individual events.  Your gift of time to your students can not be measured but is truly awesome.

    And of course, a very special thank you to the students who worked so hard and gave up so much time to participate in the Olympics.  Your hard work is an inspiration to all of your instructors.

    As stated yesterday, the location of next year's Olympics will not be at Monmouth Regional HS.  Once a new location is chosen, we will send out a notice.

    Attached is the score sheet.  Teams are identified by number only.  If you have forgotten your team number, please email me.  I will delete from my records team names in a month or so except for the winning teams.

    Please make sure I have your media release forms so that we can include pictures of your team on our website.

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