Physics Olympics 2021

  • 25 Oct 2020 5:38 PM
    Message # 9325026

    Hi All, NJAAPT is considering holding this year's Physics Olympics as a virtual event.  Our plan is contingent on two concerns.   Having no experience planning a virtual event, we will need your help organizing and running this event.  What events could we run? How would we conduct  these events virtually? How would we score?  How would we generate participation from views that are not directly involved in an event?  How would we maintain fairness when judging these events virtually.  Especially, how would we conduct the Fermi Question event?  Many concerns to consider and plan for. Please consider assisting; we will not be able to conduct the Olympics without your help.

    Second, will you be able to plan for the event on your end: putting together a team, holding meetings in person or virtually.  Would your students participate virtually as spectators?  Will your school administration allow participation in this event? Additionally, will you have the time to commit to assisting with this year's event?

    We don't need to hold the event on our usual day in January.  Therefore, we could plan to hold the event later in the school year.  What date would work best for you?

    Please email me your suggestions and comments.

    All good wishes,

    John Valente

    NJAAPT Board Member

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