Physics Olympics 2021

  • 18 Jan 2021 12:31 PM
    Message # 9873658

    My school is planning to attend the virtual physics olympics this year, but we are all confused with exactly what is going on. This year are there 3 events? or just 2? Also, we are confused about how video recordings that need to be sent.  What does it mean that, two of the runner ups recordings need to be sent? I thought every school was only allowed one team? Lastly, is there a rules and scoring sheet like the past events have had?


    1st question: There are 3 events.  Fermi question, tower of cards & slow descent roller coaster.

    2nd question: Each team is composed of 6 members.  Each team is required to build three towers of cards (also 3 coasters) to earn maximum points.  Only the best tower and coaster of your team will be entered into the virtual competition. You will be responsible to determine which tower and coaster your team will enter into the virtual competition. The building of the other two towers and the descent of the marble for the other two coasters will be recorded by you and submitted to the judges one week before the actual event. You will verify the height of the towers and the time for the marble to descend the two coasters as well as that each device was built according to the rules.

    The scoring formula for each event is included in the rule sheet.  I have not yet finalized how many points to award the devices that are not officially entered into virtual competition but entered by recording.

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