Physics Olympics 2021

  • 18 Jan 2021 12:33 PM
    Message # 9873661

    On the tower of cards event.  There is a team for this event and the rules state that one person has to build the tower of cards.  Can the other members fold cards during the ten minute interval while the one person is building the tower?  

    Also, what would happen if the team showed up with say two decks of cards and they built two towers, simultaneously to see which one was more stable and higher.  Would that be within the rules or against them?

    Also I am assuming each team has to have a new deck of cards so that the judges know that each team is using the same number of cards to start with (52).


    1st question:  No, only one member may build the tower.  The other team members may give verbal assistance only.  The reason for this rule is that some schools will be virtual so  they would then be at a disadvantage if non virtual teams could assist each other.

    2nd question: Only one tower per team during the virtual competition.

    3rd: yes, or the instructor of the team will verify that the deck has only 52 cards.

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