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  • NJ Physics Olympics 2022 --- North / Central New Jersey

NJ Physics Olympics 2022 --- North / Central New Jersey

  • 02 Apr 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM
  • Monmouth Regional High School, Tinton Falls, NJ

Re-scheduled -- new date is Saturday April 2, 2022.

We look forward to your school's participation at this event.  The competition is a lot of fun and your students will meet, share experiences, and compete with other students from various parts of New Jersey.

Be sure to sign up for the event location (North/South) location that you will be attending.  This is for the NJ Olympics North/Central Jersey.  The other event is NJ Olympics South Jersey.

Because of Covid restrictions, we will limit each school to two teams & two teacher chaperones.  Please no spectators, i.e., students, teachers or parents.

During the competition, participants will need to wear a mask as per NJ guidelines.

Morning refreshments will be provided as in the past. Teams may bring lunch or have lunch delivered to the school.

This year's events are: 

1. FERMI QUESTIONS: To estimate the order of magnitude of a quantity that is difficult or impossible to measure.

2. LONGEST CANTILEVER: Design and build the longest cantilever segment using only spaghetti and glue.

3. PENNY BRIDGE:  Design and build a bridge constructed solely of pennies.

4. COLLAPSING TOWER: To cause a domino from a tower of dominoes to land in a collapse zone as far away from  the base of the tower as possible.

5. SPAGHETTI WIND POWER LIFTER : To design and build A device that will lift a 375 gram load through a vertical distance of approximaetely one meter in the minimum amount of time.  

6. SPAGHETTI MARSHMALLOW TOWER:  To design and build the tallest tower that can support a load of 375 grams.

Detailed rules can be found on the website under the "Events / Physics Olympics 2022" section.   Link here.  To stay in touch with rules changes or post questions, go to the "Forum" section of the website.  You can subscribe to topics of interest to you to receive updates.

Please print Media Release forms for students/parents to sign, and bring signed forms to the competition.  Winning teams are photographed.  Students with release forms will be included in the photographs of winning teams.  Forms can be printed out from rules page.

Registration info:

Signing up is free for members.  

Each team that you bring must be registered as a Guest--do not forget to register your teams !!     (2 teams = 2 guests; a team = 1-6 students).   

The costs are $30 per team for Early Bird registration (on or before December 16). 

After 12/16, Regular registration will cost $40. 

Final registration deadline:   Jan 7

You should see an invoice for payment when registered.  If you don't, you need to add your teams as "Guests".

Payment in advance required.

If using school invoice, please pay in advance, and a refund will be sent to you when your school check has been received

For teachers new to Fermi Questions, here are some resources (also included on the event page with the rules):

Fermi Q WS (Teacher version)  Fermi Questions - Worksheet and Answers.pdf

Fermi Q WS (Samples worked out)  Fermi Question WS show work.pdf

Fermi Q WS  (Student version, you might want to omit answers given at end)  Fermi Question WS.pdf





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