Physics Olympics 2021

  • 06 Feb 2021 9:57 PM
    Message # 10066699

    I have modified and attached the rules as per our discussion last Tuesday.

    Please review.

    Also, as we discussed during our meeting, we will start the event at 10am, Saturday, February 27th.

    The time for the second day of the competition will change to 2:00pm on March 13th due the the SAT being administered in the morning.

    Each instructor will moderate their own team.

    Concerning the Fermi Question Event:

    The time for the students to complete and submit their answers will be increased to 45 minutes. The team will submit their logic used to solve each Fermi Question to NJAAPT's google classroom.  They will email just their answers  to NJAAPT's email.

    Concerning the Tower of Cards:

    The team will upload pictures of their completed video recorded towers as well as a video of the building process to goggle classroom.

    Concerning the Slow Descent Marble Coaster:

    The requirement  for the team to enter two additional coasters by video recordings has been eliminated.

    On Wednesday, February 24th, by 6pm, the team will practice submitting a document  to google classroom as a test of the system.

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